Time Warriors-A story for the ages

“The timed trial has ended. All the contestants are taking a moment to congratulate one another on their effort in the contest. A few of the parents are packing the experiments into display boxes while the judges are convening. This timed contest happens on the same day of the year at the same time every year and has since the very first contest, 150 years ago. That was the day time travel was invented.

Since that day, and every day thereafter, it has been the one thing that has brought real peace. Think of the Cold War era only with time travel. The fact that someone could go back and drop a bomb on your parents house effectively killing you before your born has forced people to acknowledge peace for the betterment of humanity. That’s not to say there was not turbulent times, just remember the Thousand-Year Day War. This war alone ended all wars.

A challenging time for most was the first year after time travel was made public. The technology brought out protesters and supporters as well as criminals and law enforcement.” Katia looked up from her book and said, “mom was it really that bad?” Jillian, Katia’s mother, absently replied “was what bad honey?”

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Happy writing everyone.

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