Tasty Niblett- Story Time

“In a land filled with magic and monsters, one magical monster stands above the rest. No really this thing is huge, easily 3 stories tall, where all the rest are maybe only half that at best. It is said that this creature has scales harder than any known substance, teeth sharper than any sword with claws to match.”

“Daddy, tell me about the princess”

“I’m getting to that part sweetie”……

Greetings fellow creatives, I would like to invite you to continue this story. You may make it as light and fluffy as you like or turn it sinister and scary. The stage has been set and the characters are waiting your instructions.

Is the child a boy or girl? Or is this a weird game between husband and wife? Perhaps this is the beginning of a tale inside a tale or just the start of a normal bedtime ritual.

Let’s work on wording, your story can be no more than 350 words so use them sparingly. Please, I invite you to leave your story in the comments.

As always have fun and happy writing.

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