Tasty Niblett -Sounds

Let’s use another method of inspiration to spark our creative juices. Listen to these audio samples and let them tickle ideas into existence. Use the sounds to form thoughts and images. Turn these ideas into words, place them into a short story and try to fill several pages.

What kind of emotions are you feeling when you listen? Is there a certain sense that is present or is there a particular sound that stands out more than the others?

I would like to thank the musician Proxian for the help with making the samples for this Tasty Niblett.

Happy writing and may your creativity flow.

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4 thoughts on “Tasty Niblett -Sounds

  1. So incredible, how sound can invoke different emotions!
    I liked them all, but found that the third track got my creative juices flowing. That track took me back to the 80s…a very creative time for me.

    I think your creative team is doing a fantastic job! I could totally listen to these tracks while writing code or doing design work.

    Hopefully more to come soon!?!?!?

    Thanks again for sharing these!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I find it amazing as well how things like sound invoke ideas out of nowhere. There will certainly be more to follow, glad we could bring some value to your world.

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