Tasty Niblett – Shooting Stars

I relate ideas to shooting stars. You only see them for the briefest of time and then they are gone, unless you are wise enough to capture them. What you have then is lightning in a bottle, a fuel to use over and over. I will provide one idea to start, you provide five more. Each idea you provide must in some way be connected to the original idea. Here we go.

*As the shepard strode across the field, he noticed a light shining in the distance. He thought it odd as it was brighter than any light he had seen before. He tried to focus on his task at hand, the broken fence on the other side of the field. Every step he took toward the fence had him taking three slightly to the right.*

Now your turn. Continue the tale using five ideas. Is the shepard Lil Bo Peep, is the light a thing from the future? Have fun combining the different ideas. If it makes it easier to complete the task, think of the five ideas first then figure out how to join them.

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