Tasty Niblett – Poor Mr.Capro

There were sirens blaring and lights flashing when I arrived home. A little yellow ribbon stretched out from one side of the street to the other, informing anyone who looked at it that there was a crime scene. I calmly exited my car making no effort to look towards the area that was swarmed by police and reporters as well as looky-loos. They were like ants lined up in a column. Steadily they entered and exited Mr. Capro’s home removing all manner of evidence for further study.

Upon placing my briefcase next to the end table I opened the curtains so I could watch. I turned the volume up on the stereo as a fittingly sorrowful tune played. The stage was set and the actors played through their discourse oblivious to me. An outsider might have thought I orchestrated the whole thing, and they would be right. I killed Mr. Capro, I killed him for no other reason than I could.

Plot twists and turns are essential for every story. Some have more than one and some have only one. A surprise ending or a new scenario that must be dealt with. A place in the story where you can throw your reader for a loop. I find these stories fascinating because it makes me think all the more “why did I not see that coming”.

Using the short tale above add two or three paragraphs explaining the killers’ means or perhaps his or hers next victim. If murder mystery is not your thing then perhaps this is a good exercise in thinking outside the box for your perfered genre.

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As always, happy writing.


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