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Greetings on this fine day. Today we will be going through an exercise in plot potential. Find an idea, any idea will do. once you have the barest inkling of an idea begin to write it out. Contain the idea to one or two paragraphs, label it as number one. Start idea number two with a twist of idea number one. Then repeat this several more times.

For example:

Title – Red line

1. “If you look here at the map you will see that the ‘Redline’ bus travel right past Sean Connery’s house” said the tour guide. He was trying his hardest to ply his trade. He knew he needed to get as many people on the bus as he could or he would be fired from another job. The guide also knew if he didn’t fill the bus he would not have enough money to eat this week.

2. As the tour bus sped past business after business the temperature gauge crept past the redline. The old beast was held together luck and duct tape. The driver praying the whole time he can make it back to the stop before it breaks down. All the passengers oblivious to the precarious situation they were in, trying to glimpse anyone famous. This was the last time the bus would enter the “Explosion Tour”, a race designed to eliminate unsuspecting passengers if the bus does not make it back to the stop in time.

3. “Science has finally found a way to help humanity. The ‘Redline’, a singular trip through time, allows the customer a chance to change only the most dire of choices in their life. Think of the trip like a tour bus guiding you through all your past actions. A bus full of critics judging what can and can not be changed based on the hard points of history. Once a choice is deemed safe for change you will have 90 seconds to make the change before the opportunity is lost.” Well that’s how it was in all the ads anyway. All that technology was scrapped after they started loosing bus loads of people.


Your turn to fill a page of evolving plots. I hope you enjoy and have fun with it.

Leave us a comment or a question below. If you wish to share some of your ideas or stories feel free to email corey@writing-ideas.com and we will get them posted as soon as possible.

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