Tasty Niblett -Holidays

Today’s Tasty Niblett is as colorful as any Easter egg I’ve every seen, as bright as any Christmas tree, as festive as any New Year’s party.

I hope you have guessed what today’s topic exercise is all about. Holidays, traditions, or rituals have played a part in every culture on the planet. How does your world incorporate them? What societal traditions does your populace partake in? Are you writing a historical fiction where the pagans place strings of decoration on an animal caricature instead of a tree? Is the world you have created suffering under a ruler that forces its people to observe a sacrificial rite each moon cycle to appease a deity or monster?

Take a few minutes to think how holidays, celebrations, traditions, rituals, and other such events can add another layer of detail and depth to your story.

Today’s exercise will be a bit longer than usual. Try writing three full pages wherein you detail the event and how your characters experience it.

Happy writing and creating as always.

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