Tasty Niblett – Flattery

The best form of flattery is imitation or so they say. It must be true or else we would not see a new Batman character every other year. I believe they are at six actors to play the masked vigilante billionaire, not to mention voice actors for cartoons and anime versions along with any audio telling of his heroic deeds.

So, today we will stretch our minds to reimagining one our favorite stories. Pick something high on your all time favorites list and recreate it. No, not the whole thing. Pick a scene from it and put your twist on it. Maybe add historical anchors to it. Change it from comedy to horror or action to romance.

Take the idea or aspects from it and twist it to your own creation. I caution you to not outright steal what has been done. Plagiarism is a big no-no. Use what has been done to inspire new ideas, plot twists, and wholly new stories.

Happy creating.

Please leave a comment below and let us know how we are doing.

2 thoughts on “Tasty Niblett – Flattery

  1. Please don’t laugh, Corey, as I have my own online business which is based … well, all on writing. I write 5-7 days a week. I write about my dog and about dogs more in general. I write about online business, I post blogs and training. But, now you put me on the spot about re-writing a character’s story, my mind has gone completely blank.
    How about I steel the limelight of Mr Shakespeare (yes, good old William, English poet and playwright) by re-writing a happy ending to Romeo and Juliette? I am not a particularly romantic person, but can you imagine how many more family feuds the pair of them would have had to endure?!?! #lol
    Thank you ever so much, Corey, for challenging my imagination 🙂

    1. Let’s look at what Thanksgiving would be like with the star-crossed lovers after both find each other in good health at the family tomb. Since their deaths are what brought the two families together in the end. Now they have even more to fight about. A very interesting plot twist indeed. I like it. Thank you for sharing.

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