Tasty Niblett – Challenge

I challenge you to a….. cake eating contest, no….a spelling contest, no no…… I got it. I challenge you to a contest of wit’s but you should know never challenge a Sicilian to a duel especially when death is on the line. Ha ha-ha

Let’s try this out instead create a witty banter scene between the protagonist and the antagonist of your story. Be it comedic in nature or snark filled. Remember to keep the language centered in the stories’ timeline. For example, if your set in the middle ages you might say something like “the quill is truly mightier than the sword, however for you, it appears neither is up to the task”.

Jared spoke, “you vile miscreant” to which Xander replied, “now now, with language like that who is being vile?”

Create a scene, then fill it with banter. One thousand words or more if you like or need.

Happy creating and as always have fun.

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