Tasty Niblett – Beginings

There is a shop tucked away in a dark alley in the deepest part of the city. In this shop there are things of wondrous beauty and tremendous power. Most objects in the shop are not for sale and are only loaned out in times of true peril. It is in this little shop that we find our story. The story of Karadel and the Runestone of Power.

The city of Cresdale lay sprawling for miles in all directions. An old city dating back to before man walked the earth. A city built and used by the gods. This city is the foundation of the known world. Everything you see today can be traced back to this city. Philosophy, politics, technology, and even magic. In the early days knowledge flowed freely from the city enhancing all aspects of life. The earth took its size and shape, water was given boundaries and laws to govern its action. All the elements placed with care and set into motion according to the Order.

The Order is a collaboration of the most skilled of the gods. They are tasked with keeping balance in the universe. When, something upsets that balance they set forth the needed corrections. They have maintained this balance for millennia….

….. Stay tuned my fellow creatives there is more to come. I am working on a short story page that will bring more actual stories to the site. Tasty Niblett is just that, a taste, a sample of an idea, the story page will bring some of these stories ideas to life. I will start with Poor Mr. Capro.

I hope you have enjoyed this small taste of whimsies. Leave a comment below to let us know how we are doing.

4 thoughts on “Tasty Niblett – Beginings

  1. Curious to see where this goes. It sounds like a solid idea on wanting to catch a readers attention by giving them a small portion of what a writer is suppose to do best, captivate an audience into wanting even more. Will all your stories consist of just giving people a taste or will you be going into detail on some of your stories?

    1. Thank you. This particular Niblett was set to introduce a new page on the site dedicated to short stories. I will be using this new page, Fleeting Narrative, to publish my own short stories as well as offer a place for others to publish their “shorts”. In these tales I will take a deeper dive on some of the ideas presented in the Tasty Niblett section of the site.

    1. Thank you. I should have the new page up and running by Monday. We will take a look at Poor Mr. Capro again as I work through a day in the life kinda of deal. I hope it’s a hit.

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