Tasty Niblett-Multiple Choice

On the menu today we have a fine selection of topics. Choose one of the following options and write several paragraphs.

Option 1.

If you were handed a magical object that allowed you to see five minutes into the future, how would you use it?

Option 2.

There is an elephant in the room, an honest to goodness real life elephant right there in front of me. It looks as if it wants to say something but is waiting for me to address it.

Continue this short story.

Option 3. 

Never before has there been peace between the underworld denizens. War has a way of removing prejudices like no other unifier. This war has brought about the co-operation of vampire, zombie ( sorry, Living Impaired as they call themselves), werewolf, specter, and even more ghouls than you can shake a stick at.

Journal entry from Gentry Giles Paranormal Extraordinaire

How does this tale continue?

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Happy creating.


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