Tasty Niblett – 1000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words.

So prove it. I have provided the picture, you provide the words. Obviously this young woman is practicing yoga so look beyond that. Turn this image into a fictional tale of wonder or woe. Is the red in the background really tree branches or is it flame bursting forth as the result of a spell? Is the coloring of the image the setting for a sinister flashback? Is she an athlete or cheerleader a warrior or Sister of the Knights Watch?

It is up to you to figure out. One thousand words is the criteria for this short story. Yes, if you have more to say about it by all means do so. If you, are having trouble starting try these points….

1. I begin my day as the sun rises. Training in the ancient art of….

2. She completed her intricate foot work leading into the spell which would allow her protection from fire…

3. Any other day Hannah would have just shaken off the bad dream. Today was not, any other day. Hannah knew with in bones her nightmare was more than a bad dream….


Feel free to use the beginnings above to help you start your story. If you, would like to submit your story to be posted on the site with-in the Fleeting Narrative section please email your entry to corey@writing-ideas.com.

Your story remains your story with full credit going to you.

Leave a comment or question if you enjoy our site and our content. Happy creating and have fun.

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