Poor Mr. Capro – Chapter one

Has it occurred to anyone else that society has become a voyeuristic nightmare? What is the first thing most people do in the morning? Grab their phone to check social media, turn on the morning news cast? Both have become Mr. Capro’s routine. Although he, does occasionally break to spy on the neighborhood.

As a retired school administrator, Mr. Capro starts his day promptly at 5am, fills his first three hours of the day consuming all forms of social media followed by network news programming. At 10 o’clock he walks his beagle down one side of the street and back up to his house. Along the way, Sparky, the beagle does his business on a different lawn each time. Upon returning home he makes his lunch and sits on his porch listening to talk radio, usually some political idiot pitching whatever rhetoric is hot for the day. After lunch Mr. Capro returns to his social media for status updates.

On occasion Mr. Capro spends extra time at dinner, also on his porch, watching the comings and goings of the neighbors on the street. He even watches from his second floor windows in the evening before bed for a better vantage point. He believes it helps hide the fact he is spying on everyone. This is his routine, it seldom deviates in any significant way.

There was a car accident a week ago in front of his house. Did he rush out to help the victims, no, and he did not even bother to call the police. He did however, grab his phone so he could record the incident. His neighbors called to him for help which he was reluctant to give. The news vans pulled up a full ten minutes before the first responders. “Tragic accident in suburban neighborhood ” the headline read on the evening news. Mr. Capro made an appearance on television describing the whole thing, sensationalizing all the key points. Drama does get the ratings.

There have been several incidents over the past year involving Mr. Capro and a few youths. He is fond of yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off his property. The kids have taken it as a challenge to do what they can to provoke Mr. Capro. Jake Newton, a teen from five houses down, smashed Mr. Capro’s mailbox last summer, placed a burning sack of manure on his porch, and most recently managed to affix saran wrap over the front door. Needless to say Mr. Capro had almost lost his mind trying to get out of that mess. This is where I enter the story. It was this incident that led me to Mr. Capro’s side as I cut him from the snare of plastic wrap. It is also the incident that would ultimately end his life.

Before that meeting, I had no reason to interact with Mr.Capro. Now that he has seen my face, insulted me, threatened to call the police, he has to be dealt with.

Poor Mr. Capro.


Part one of a fictional short story written by Corey Souliere


4 Replies to “Poor Mr. Capro – Chapter one”

  1. Great job with this!

    I’m far from being a writer myself, but I really love the new direction you are going with your blog. It’s exciting to see an idea start as just that…an idea…then become something tangible. It’s even more exciting to see it start to grow and spread out into something larger and more encompassing. I am looking forward to reading more about Mr. Capro and his impending demise. (*evil laugh*)

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I would say all you need to be a writer, is a passion to tell a story. Find that idea that lights the fire inside you and then add as much fuel to it as possible. Write every day. A sentence, a paragraph, a page whatever you happen to have time for or have made time for. That is all I have done. Stay tuned for the continued tale of Mr.Capro.

  2. Hello Corey, Nice beginning on what should turn out to be a great story. I think Mr. Capro’s daily routine is becoming a fixture not only for retirees but for the majority of Americans.. Social media is taking over and we are becoming a society that would rather record events than to actually be in them. I think Mr. Capro’s adventure is only beginning, just don’t let anything happen to Sparky!

    1. I feel that this is an unfortunate reality today. Don’t worry no animals were harmed in the making of this story. I hope to continue this story over the next couple of weeks with a new chapter each week. How does Mr. Capro fair? Will Jake return to his antics? Stay tuned.

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