Poor Mr. Capro – Chapter Four

There are few things in this world I like less, than taking a life so young. Jake Newton’s death was the unfortunate result of him having been in the hardware store on the wrong day. I was there for someone else that day. I always scout several subjects at a time picking out a dozen or so places where they may interact with each other. I have been taking lives for quite some time and found it to be the easiest method of getting away with it. I follow a simple set of rules. Leave no trace, leave no witnesses, don’t upset the balance of society.

Jake’s Last Day

Jake woke up on his eighteenth birthday much like any other day, hearing his mom and dad arguing. Usually it was about money or lack of communication or some other issue Jake cared little about. There was a slight difference he noted to the tones being used, they seemed to be hushed. “Bill, let him sleep” his mom said. “Karen, he is an adult now and it is time he started to act like one” his dad replied. “Jake, son get down here we need to talk” Bill shouted up the stairs. “JAKE!”

Opening the door Jake called down “alright give me a minute”. He dressed as slowly as he could manage without arousing the ire of his dad. With heavy thudding steps Jake descended into the main floor of the house where he was met by his extended family. “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” they yelled in unison. Each family member took a turn hugging him, grandma took a bit longer as she kissed his cheeks. Birthday signs hung throughout the main living room, several balloon bouquets were placed about as well. In the center of the coffee table lay a set of keys tied to a single balloon which read “Happy 18th”. The jubilation exuding from Jake at that moment would soon be forgotten.

Breakfast was filled with stories and laughter as family member after family member told tales of Jake’s early years. Bill and Karen could not stand his fidgeting any longer so with several warnings about being a responsible adult, let Jake take his one and only birthday gift out for a spin. The well-used vehicle had been bought at auction for next to nothing. Bill and his brother, Wilard, took turns restoring the Chevrolet Camero IROC-Z28. It took them the better part of a year to collect all the parts. The news headlines for the morning read “multiple break-ins at across the county”, ” stolen animals from several shelters”, and ” animals not the only thing taken from shelters, drugs missing as well”. Jake’s grandma said “what’s this world coming to when people just take helpless animals.” Jake said with a half smirk, ” don’t worry grandma, I am sure they will turn up eventually”.

Jake spent the next few hours driving around with his friends who encouraged him to go faster and making envious jokes about how many girls he was going to get now. They made several plans for that weekend which included getting supplies for a mass prank on the town as well as renting a cabin near a lake. Jake returned home several times that day, he spent no more than ten minutes at a time then quickly drove off again. Each trip home Jake packed a few things into his car trying not to alert his parents that he was up to something. All through the day Jake and his friends set plans in motion that would have lasting consequences beyond their short years.

The Plan: One Week Ago

While Mr. Capro was out walking his dog Jake hopped his back fence, broke in through the back door, and planted several items through-out the house. He took nothing as he knew Mr. Capro would call the police as soon as he saw the busted rear door. It was important that nothing look out of place. He was just scaling the fence as Mr. Capro was entering his front door. An hour later the cops were in the living room asking if anything was stolen. At this same time, Steve, one of Jakes’ friends was recording the whole transaction between the police and Mr. Capro. This video would prove two things, one; someone did indeed break in, second; it implicates Mr. Capro involvement in Jake’s death. The following day Jake knocked on Mr. Capro’s door. “Mr. Capro sir…” was all Jake could say when the door opened. Immediately he was chased from the porch, insults were not the only thing being thrown at Jake. This took place several more times during the day.

The rest of the week Jake and his friends took turns playing ding-dong ditch with Mr.Capro. Prank calls were made to Mr. Capro and since he was old-fashioned enough to have an answering machine, there were several raunchy messages left. Each day Jake and his friends would ride around the neighborhood in Steve’s dads truck. Periodically they would stop and coax a cat into getting close enough for them to grab. Upon grabbing the felines they would throw them in a cages. A couple of days before Jake’s birthday the neighborhood stared putting fliers up for the missing cats. I thought this odd at first only because I would have gone to the animal shelter to “rescue” the hundred or so cats they take care of there.

With a bit of research Steve was able to find the right dose of sedative to give each animal to keep them under for several hours. “This is key” he said, “as it will give time for the set-up after that it’s sit back and watch.”




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