Poor Mr. Capro – Chapter Five

The end to Mr. Capro did not come swiftly. Although the light of his life left years ago, his body remained empty and hollow. Some might say killing him was a kindness. A decent thing done to end his suffering. I say it was neither merciful nor kind, my place is not question why only do or die. I will let you be the judge on these matters.

When Jake velroed Sparky to the hood of Mr. Capro’s car, a plan was set into motion to end his life. It just happens that I was able to fulfill my contract concerning Mr. Capro’s death at the same time. I believe in efficiency, so being able to tidy things up without much collateral damage is kind of like a bonus. Allow me to show you how these things came together.

When I received the contract to take Mr. Capro’s life, there was no time limit or “end by” date, these are the best kind and I take them every chance I get. I moved in across the street and few doors down from the Capro’s. Studying my targets has become somewhat of a pastime for me. Watching someone who has no idea they are being watched is the only way to truly know someone. The guarded walls thrown up in defense of emotions come down immediately when you think no one is watching. I try to get a good sense of whom I am sent to kill, sometimes it makes perfect sense and other times I do what is required of me.

Not long after moving in I made contact with the Capro’s, Mrs. Capro made a pie and brought it over bringing Mr. Capro with her for an introduction and welcome to the neighborhood. Thinking back they looked so young. I have to say that the love they showed each other was genuine. That kind of love can’t be faked. When you have been around for as long as I have and watched as many people as I have you come to know these simple truths. One: real genuine love is not glamorous nor boastful. Two: most people will never know real genuine love because they are too selfish. Three: the majority of people have no idea what love really is. This was the only time I spoke with Capro’s together. After the long conversation, I took a few other contracts that were more pressing. Not being there for a time dissuaded the Capro’s from any further contact.

I would watch them when I was in town. See how they have changed then leave again. This went on for years, I have been told I am a bit to laxed when I carry out my assignments, but I must say in my defense the contracts I usually take don’t state a time frame for completion so I feel no urgency to rush. It wasn’t until Mrs. Capro ran into me and recognized who I was that I was forced to speed things up a bit. I could have taken her then and there but thought that there might be a better way to reach the end goal. “Mrs. Capro… June” I started, “now that you know who I am I simply can not let you walk away”. She stood there frozen at first not even daring to breath. I continued “I have a proposition for you however, think carefully before you answer. I will spare your life, and you will live a long life, in return you must kill your husband. I don’t care how you do it but it must be done. If you don’t, your days have come to an end.” “You’re a liar” she spat out, although something deep inside her could not help but think the opposite. I simply looked at her and she knew the truth of my words. “I understand you’re a bit emotional right now and certainly scared, but I am going to need a yes or a no on this. Will you kill your husband?” I let the woman have exactly five minutes to contemplate her options. She took all of it too. In the end she said, “no, I will not kill my husband. I will not do your work for you. Take my life if you must but my answer is no.” I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “June Capro your life is hereby forfeit, you will live for exactly five more months. It will be the worst time of your life as your insides rot, your body will reject any treatment you receive. You may one day call out my name but I will not listen.” Touching her ever so lightly the nape of the neck I left her where she stood. I hold Mrs. Capro in high regard few have stood their ground the way she did. I almost relented and let her live anyway if not for her last words. To her husband and any nurses close by it sounded garbled, but her last words were clear to me. With her last breath she said, “I’m ready.”

Jake’s antics could have been overlooked but even he was becoming more trouble than he was worth. I talked to one of his friends who had just had his life’s contract canceled. I told him his life was about to end, that he only had a matter of months to live. Naturally he laughed at me. I whispered a few things to him. “Jasper, you will do my biding. You will follow all my instructions to the letter. I will spare you sister whom I know you love more than you should and in a way that is not healthy. When I say spare, I mean I will take her away from her living nightmare that you call a family. What do you say?” It took Jasper all of two seconds to say yes. By the time he had returned home, his sister had been placed in foster care. True to my word she was placed with a good family.

“Jasper you are going to work with Jake and Steve to torment Mr. Capro. I will give you instructions once in a while do not deviate from them. Do not let anyone else deviate from them.” I said as I laid his role out. In the end he performed well enough. All the pranks pulled on Mr. Capro were suggestions I gave to Jasper to feed Jake, with the exception of the last one which was executed masterfully by the boys.

On Jake’s birthday, the friends drove around and enjoyed the freedom they had. Unfortunately they would not live long enough to see the fruits of their labor from that day. They split up in the early evening going their separate ways. I placed a call to each saying that they needed to meet up ASAP. Jasper stopped to get Steve and Jake came rushing from the delivery service where he had just mailed several hundred packages. It just so happened that as they neared Mr. Capro’s house, Jake was performing a high speed swerve when his front tire blew out. Losing control of the Z28 it pitched as if the tired had hit a puddle of water causing it to enter into oncoming traffic. Jasper and Steve were caught right in its path, the two cars became one.

Mr. Capro called the news station immediately, which is why they arrived first. He gave them his version of what happened taking them through all the dramatic points. The neighbors screamed for help, the police and paramedics were called and Mr. Capro relented to the cries. There was nothing to be done for the boys however, so he began to film the scene. This is only the first time the police were called out that night. Not long after the cars were taken away, after the street was opened back up the paramedics were called back out. Mr. Capro had called them complaining of chest pain. He died while on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. The time was 10 p.m. when he hit the floor, that was also when a timer tripped opening several hundred boxes that had been delivered to Mr. Capro’s basement. Slowly the cats made they’re way upstairs. Some of them having been starved they began eating the only thing they could find.

There were sirens blaring and lights flashing when I arrived home. A little yellow ribbon stretched out from one side of the street to the other, informing anyone who looked at it that there was a crime scene. I calmly exited my car making no effort to look towards the area that was swarmed by police and reporters as well as looky-loos. They were like ants lined up in a column. Steadily they entered and exited Mr. Capro’s home removing all manner of evidence for further study. Upon placing my briefcase next to the end table I opened the curtains so I could watch. I turned the volume up on the stereo as a fittingly sorrowful tune played. The stage was set and the actors played through their discourse oblivious to me. An outsider might have thought I orchestrated the whole thing, and they would be right. I killed Mr. Capro, I killed him for no other reason than I could. In time I will kill this host as well. As a demon the rules are simple, leave no trace, leave no witnesses, don’t upset the balance of society.


Part five and the conclusion of a fictional short story by Corey Souliere.

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