How to begin writing – when all you want to do is anything else.

How to begin writing when all you want to do is anything else.

Like many others I struggle to motivate myself to sit down and write. I stare at a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper. I look at it sitting there mocking me, daring me to mar its pure perfection. I sit there thinking I really need to start getting this article started or finished, whatever the case may be at the time. I tell myself to just start and the rest will follow, then I stare at the screen some more. I  get up and use the restroom, I fill my drink and I think ‘you know I have been meaning to get that project done’, not the the article or anything even remotely related to writing. 

So then how do I combat this blatent attack on my productivity. I tell myself fine work the other project for a few minutes, then get some writing done. I also tell myself that if I get the writing out of the way I can get to doing other things I enjoy. Is writing easy, for some it is. For the rest of us we work at it, little by little until the book or article is done. 

Here are some steps to break through the wall of procrastination. 

  1. Set a defined time. Pick a dedicated time that works best for you. If that seems to be your major struggle then pick a time close to waking uo or going to bed. Stick to this time as best as possible.

   2. Choose a set location. Set your self in a quiet room with no distractions. Put your phone on silent and a do not disturb sign on the door if need be.

  3. Go in with a plan. If you wake up in the morning to write get your coffee and get to work. If writing at night go into your set location with the ideas of what you want to accomplish.

  4. Be persistent. It takes 30 days to create a habit. Keep at it as often as you can and what ever you are working on will be done in no time.

If you stumble along the way, its fine, pick it as soon as you can. Don’t stop working at it is the point. Keep going, keep working, keep pressing forward till the end. When your all done just remember there is still editing to do or rewrites. But hey at least the heavy lifting is out of the way.

May all your creativity bring you closer to your dreams. Happy writing. 

14 thoughts on “How to begin writing – when all you want to do is anything else.

  1. hello dear,

    this is such a great post you have here on how to begin writing when all you want to do is something else, I must say that this post is one of the very best I have read that is really straight to the point and easy to understand and it’s so chock full of useful tips on how to write and I can’t wait to start exercising them…

    thanks for sharing have a great day..

    stay safe

  2. Hello dear, a big thanks to you for sharing these insightful and educating article on How to begin writing when all you want to do is anything else.with us I came across your article while doing some research online i must commend your efforts in putting up such helpful internet site your laid down thought in How to begin writing when all you want to do is anything else. I creative and helpful to us thanks 

    1. You are quite welcome. Thank you for visiting, feel free to look around at the other content as I feel you will enjoy it as well. Hope your research goes well. Have fun and enjoy the writing process.

  3. This is a nice article and something i relate to personally. I have always loved writing right from my high school days but i have not really developed the skill uo yill today because of procastination. The tips you gave in your article especially setting a particular time will really help me. I feel i need to make it a habit to always write. Thank you for this

    1. Glad I could be of service. I too have enjoyed writing for much longer than I have actually been doing it. Please feel free to check out some of the other content for those moments when nothing is coming to mind. Settle in your quiet place at your designated time and hammer out some script. Happy writing and as always have fun.

  4. this is like a plan I can and need to follow.  I am a blogger and me sitting down to write and posts is not the first thing i want
    to do in a day.

    i really need to  start work quickly have to chose location and time am doing this to make it sound like plan.

    i never known it can take up to 1 month to start any habit.hope that reader understand what i just said as my experience.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment. All too often we fall out of sync with what has been working or what we know we need to do. Take it one step at a time.

  5. This sounds exactly like a plan I can and need to follow.  I have a website and sitting down to write posts is not my first choice of things to do in my day.  I really need to get in gear and start working.  Picking a time and location and just doing it sounds like a plan.  I did not know it take about 30 days to start a habit.  That’s short, I can do i!

    1. Glad we could help motivate you. Or at least remove some obstacles from your path. Best of luck and stay focused. Happy writing.

  6. Self-motivation is no easy task especially if you don’t have someone breathing down your neck. One thing I do is to set goals for myself. When you set goals and you discipline yourself you find out that you would achieve your goal of making yourself write every single time. You have to set goals and you need to make sure you are accountable for your actions. 

    Also, when we have a topic we are really excited about we tend to be eager to want to write on it which means we would never procrastinate which is why it is also advised to go for a niche you are excited to learn or know more about. I have tried this and trust me it works. If you are not excited about a niche we tend to be lazy on creating posts on that particular niche.

    1. Thank you for sharing. You are right, setting goals and following through on those goals is certainly a path to success. 

  7. Lol, reading through this article makes it feel like I am the that write the first few paragraphs as this is exactly what I experience most of the time.

    Writer’s block can really play a negative part to my not meeting my deadline when I set out to write. Sometimes I find myself procrastinating so much that an article that was supposed to take me a couple of hours will end up taking days to finish. Very pathetic for me.

    And as a blogger, this is very detrimental to my success and it worries me.

    I do like the ideas and suggestions you have listed here and will definitely give them a try although am not sure about the one that takes 30 days to master a habit. But will see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing…

    1. Thank you for sharing. I wish you luck with staying focused. To make a habit is 30 days, to master a habit takes longer. Famous quote….aim at nothing and you are sure to hit your mark. Enjoy and have fun writing.

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