Creative Writing Prompts -Lets get started.

Congratulations, you’re a winner! Tell them what they have won Bob. “Well to the first one hundred people, we are giving away a lifetime supply of…”

Now that I have your attention did you for a split-second think what you would do with the prize, regardless of what it was? I imagine all the things that ran through your mind as you pondered the windfall. That is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg of how creative writing prompts can get your mental juices flowing.

Where do I begin?

Have you ever just stared a blank page and said this is going to be a masterpiece? No, neither have I. What about after the first paragraph or two? Nope, I still have not done this. I will tell you this though, I have started writing word after word only to look back and think what am I writing. I have even taken entire pages and scrapped them and the idea with it. Take courage those you who have also done this and those who are stuck even trying to find a topic to write about, it is extremely easy to overcome this hurdle. Spoiler, just get started. Pick something and just start.

What’s Next?

So now you have your topic or idea, your plot or musing. No. That’s fine, here is another one for your consideration. Take a look out your window what’s the first thing you see? Now what about that caught your eye? Was there a bright color or a distinctive feature? Describe the very thing that caught your eye. Give it life, purpose, emotion. For those of you who may be facing that window and still saying to yourself there’s nothing out there, pick the window itself. Well that’s just silly I can’t write about a window, why not?

“I began my life seemingly insignificant yet surrounded by millions like me. As life went on I traveled far and wide sometimes with friends, sometimes with family, other times I spent months waiting for the winds of change to blow. I was lost at sea once for several years. I call those the lost years ha-ha.” Journal entry #386 from the tome of Transparent Fiction-Seeing through the Pane…. ”

So Its That Simple?

You are probably thinking one of two things now. Either this author has no clue or he may just be onto something here. Well, to be honest, it is both. I have no clue sometimes where things are taking me, but I love the journey. I also am onto to something. This is not rocket science or brain surgery, well maybe it is brain surgery. At least in the sense that we may have to cut away the mental blockage.

So is it that simple? Yes, I present evidence from Pixar. Pick an inanimate object and give it emotions. They even gave emotion emotions. You to can do this as well. It really is as simple as looking out the window to the first thing you see and bring it life. There are other ways to get the creative sparks flying. Write down ten things that interest you regardless of how random they seem. Now find a way that they all can be used by three characters who are in a silly situation, or with the zombie genre growing how do these ten things help the three survivors. Now take another look at the characters. Are they friends? Are they enemies? Did they find each other on the way? Are they good or evil? How do they pass the time when not running from the dead. If zombies are not your thing then substitute them for soldiers, doctors, business men/women. Pick an avenue of thought and follow it, then look back through it to see if there is something else that can be layered in to enhance the story.

A taste of fun.

Look up stretching your neck, now down. Ready? Hopefully by this point you are beginning to loosen up enough to put pen/pencil to paper. I challenge you to actually use pen and paper. There is something that happens when you commit to the words, magic. So here is a scenario you can start with right now. Write a short story of about three paragraphs, the topic being taken from above. Write the next entry in Transparent Fiction- Seeing through the Pane. If your inclined, leave it in the comments.

Creative Writing Prompts

Lets recap for a minute. You have writers block, or some other need to write a story. Perhaps you believe it too hard to come up with an idea to write about. We discussed that you probably are not writing a masterpiece, that you should pick something and just begin. We touched on how truly simple it is to find inspiration then layer in tidbits of details for a more robust feature. I have also challenged you to begin immediately. Now I will list five basic concepts to help you along your path.


1. Write about your day. Start to finish, describing in colorful terms.

2. Great stories are often based on real events. Choose news story from today.

3. Comedic overture. Find something silly from your past.

4. Tragedy comes in three. Write a story where the events are connected.

5. Plan your ultimate vacation in detail, include a splash of fantasy.

So there it is. Do them all in one day or do them over the course of a week, that part is up to you. It is my opinion that enough time should be given for the idea to fully form. Much like in the rest of life, anything worth doing is worth doing right. I wish you all the best of luck with your writing and future endeavors.

For more creative writing prompts check out our Tasty Niblett’s page. There you will find a new writing ideas and exercises. Every so often a photo will be used to spur your mind towards a tale for the telling.




4 thoughts on “Creative Writing Prompts -Lets get started.

  1. Hi
    I really enjoyed your article. Lot of what you’ve described really struck the chord with me. I find it really difficult sometimes (read:all the time) to first the subject for my posts and then writing it out. But, I could not agree more – just starting to write and getting on with it, brings the results good enough, so I can get back to that body of text and edit it. Slowly, the article takes shape and often times I am even really happy with it! I was wandering, in this blogging world, what distinguishes a good writer from the poor one? I have never ever written for a living, and even tho I am pleased enough with my work, there’s a worry I might be misguided…In any case, I think you have really been helpful with your advice that can actually be used immediately!

    1. Alenka Thank you for visiting  and your comments. To distinguish a good writer from a poor one may ultimately come down to how engaging the author is with their subject matter. I have turned away from articles shortly after starting them simply from lack of attention grabbing content. Most of what I write is for use in the literary world, although you can certainly use it how ever it applies to your situation. If your ever stuck and need help with writers block feel free to stop back by and visit some of our other articles and try some of our writing exercises. 

  2. Very unique! I often find myself running out of ideas for my blogs and I have to get increasingly more creative and broaden my horizons. I will try to incorporate some of these methods into my next article and perhaps make it more into a story rather than factual or opinionated.

    1. I believe people tend to resonate with others that share a part of themselves. Finding new and creative ways to express our point can be difficult. Thank you for stopping by.

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