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While you may have come here looking to improve your writing skills or blast through the ever present writers block. I would encourage you to also take a look at a few of the books on review. It is our goal here at Writing-Ideas to provide the best overall experience possible. I have not been paid to review these books and wish to give unbiased information, however I am biased only in the fact that I truly do like these book series and find them to be a great asset to the genre they belong in.

Book Review 1-

Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

This is a unique and wondrous world that I have personally spent many hours engaged in. It has a dark overture as the main theme is “what happens when the bad guy wins?” What does that world look like?

A group of would be criminals band together to overthrow the established ruling authority. These individuals are blessed through bloodline heritage with a relatively unique ability. This ability is expressed throughout the series as three separate powers, Allomancy, Hemolurgy, and Feruchemy.

Years of tyrannical rule, inbreeding and harsh environmental conditions have led to Mistings (those with a single Allomantic power) and Mistborn (those with all the Allomantic abilities) to plot and scheme against the High Ruler.

This entire series is a must read for Sci-fi and Fantasy fans. There is a sense of humor as well that must be experienced.

Books in the first trilogy: Mistborn-The Final Empire, Mistborn-The well of Ascension, Mistborn-The Hero of Ages.

More books in the series: Mistborn-The Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning.

Companion Story: Mistborn- Secret History.

To Be Released (2019) Mistborn- The Lost Metal

Book Review 2

Demon Cycle Series


Demon Cycle Series by Peter V. Brett

This is another must read for fantasy fans. I don’t just recommend this one I HIGHLY recommend this one. I was first introduced to this series through Graphic Audio. Having to travel for work allowed me listen to this series. At the time Mr. Brett was working on releasing the third book, so I was able to listen to both the first and second books right away. However, once I was done I was forced to wait for what seemed like eternity for the third, forth and finally the fifth books.

I have so thoroughly enjoyed this series that I have several copies of the first three books in various forms.

Mr. Brett has done a phenomenal job creating a world that quit literally comes to life every night. You see, when the sun sets and darkness falls demons rise in the forms of elemental beings. Mid-sized dog like creatures for fire. Demons in the guise of trees (think of the Lord of the Rings movies) for wood, hard hulking behemoths for rock, toad-like beings for water, pterodactyl type for wind. There are demon beasts for every element including ones that have no form other than that which is given to them by the Mind Demons.

Every day the people attempt to fortify their defenses through ancient ward craft, magic passed down through the ages. Magic nearly lost during an all out assault from the demons after having been almost wiped out themselves.

Who is the cast you ask, Arlan Bales, Leesha Paper, Rojer Inn, Ahmann Jardir, Renna Tanner, Ahbahn, Inevera Jardir. These and a few more make up the majority of the characters followed throughout the series.

This world is carefully thought out with societal differences, religion (nothing serious here), ample action.

I can’t remember the last time I wanted to be a part of a world so much.


Both of these authors have earned my respect. They have brought to life two interesting and vibrant worlds. Each of them having unique sets of rules for how “magic” is handled. The characters in turn drive the complexity of the story as the authors weave the details binding everything together.


As always have fun and enjoy creating.

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8 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Thanks for your two book series reviews, both of which I had never heard of. These authors must have an incredible imagination to be able to create a whole different world. I have personally read something similar 30 years ago in Tolkien’s books on the Lord of the Rings. I was amazed to see so much of my imagination came true in the movie versions recently. I wonder if your books reviewed would also be filmed someday. Is the reason that you or people like you and me like this type of books so much, because of a certain disinterest in our current world?

    1. I like to think that we have a more open mind to “different”. I would love to see both of these on the big screen, if done well. Nothing would ruin the worlds more than a shabby translation of book to film. I believe Peter Jackson and the Weta Workshop could do great job with the Demon Cycle. Click on the images to acquire you copy of the beginning of each series. I know you will enjoy them.

  2. Hello there, I’m fan of fiction book. I have been reading a few fiction books in the series “Chronicle of Nick”. Since I don’t have much time now, but I’m interesting with your book review 1 about “Mistborn Trilogy” by Brandon Sanderson. I like to read in order of time published, so in the series, which book is released first? I would like to read the beginning, is the book Mistborn-The Final Empire the first book of the series?

    Can you tell me more about those three special abilities? what Mistborn, Mistings can do with their powers?

    thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you for visiting. If you are looking to start at the beginning the Mistborn is the first book, followed by The Well of Ascension, and then The Age of Heroes. 

      Allomancy- is the ability to use certain metals as fuel for the power.

      Hemolurgy- is the imbuing of someone else’s power through blood to fuel the transfer power.

      Feruchemy- is the ability to use metal like an allomancer with the ability to store power inside the metals as well.

      Mistings can only use one type of metal, in essence one power, such as using tin to enhance the senses.

      Mistborn can use all of the metals to devastating effect. Enhance their speed and strength to leap far into the sky then use a magnetic pulling effect to change direction.

      The world Brandon Sanderson has created is rich with diversity and I could not begin to due it justice with as short a review as I have. Please click the Mistborn image and get your copy, I know you will enjoy it if you enjoy fiction at all.  

  3. At the moment, I’m into personal development and writing reviews on various books.

    But it would be great to also start reading something different, like fantasy books.

    I’m especially a big fan of Lord of The Rings – watched the movies and now just to read the books lol. So the Demon Cycle Series sounds like a collection of books I would very much enjoy reading. 🙂

    But I’ll definitely check out the Mistborn Trilogy set too.

    The great thing I love about books (even personal development ones) is that they always take you to a magical place that allows you to have some time out from the real world.

    I find once I read a book, I can’t put it down.


    1. I find that time spent in books is never wasted time. Personal development books focus on specific things you wish to learn and fiction broadens your creativity overall areas in life. The Demon Cycle series has inspired me to take a more active approach in writing. Rather than wish and dream I am now putting together my own stories. The Mistborn series has made me rethink what I once thought about the bad guys winning.  

  4. Thanks Corey for your reviews. A great idea for all of us bloggers and writers to take the time to consider other authors work. Your reviews have also reminded me about the flexibility to listen to audio versions of books which helps to read more when times are busy. I am curious about your first review what does the world look like when the bad guy wins!?! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I can honestly say that once I started the Mistborn series I was hooked immediately to that very idea. You will not be disappointed if take the journey as well.

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