I relate ideas to shooting stars. You only see them for the briefest of time and then they are gone, unless you are wise enough to capture them. What you have then is lightning in a bottle, a fuel to use over and over. I will provide one idea to start, you provide five more. […]

Here is a little something taken from the manufacturing world. (RCCA). Root Cause Corrective Analysis, is a methodology to find the base level of an event. For example, you walk outside and see your car has been damaged. RCCA leads us to ask why. Why is the car damaged, a tree limb fell on it.

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Let’s take a minute to step back. You have been staring at your work for minutes or hours and nothing has come to mind. You are stuck at a pivotal point and you are uncertain which way to go. Try this exercise. Get up and go for a walk, and while you are walking play

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