Tasty Niblett

For those with a small appetite for writing. The Tasty Niblett is akin to microwave heaven. Writing ideas posted weekly for your consumption. Just like the marketplace sampler “try one”; describe your first encounter with snow.

Leave your experience below.


5 thoughts on “Tasty Niblett

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    1. My apologies for not replying sooner, I have been away for a time. I would like to contact you but worry about any time difference there may be. When would be a good time. (day and time zone)

  2. I’m from an area that regularly receives feet of snow, and I cant imagine living anywhere else that doesn’t have it. Thank you for sharing that sweet memory with us.

    1. My pleasure. I hope it inspires others to share their experiences with the white blanket of the north. Not having any makes you appreciate it all the more. If you like it that is.

  3. My first encounter with snow came when I was almost a teenager. My parents decided that we were going to take a trip during Christmas break. Living in Phoenix Arizona from the age of three until now I had not seen or experience snow.

    My step-dad, being a truck driver, packed the family in his semi-truck and began what I like to call the hunt for snow. We started out in Phoenix traveling north west into California. We made a stop or two there as my step-dad delivered or picked up cargo. We then moved on to Washington, again make several stops for deliveries or pick-ups. The weather was cold and wet but we had now hint of snow anywhere. Continuing from Washington we headed east into Idaho where we thought for sure we would see snow. However the weather would not co-operate. Rain had awaited us and traveled with us as we crossed the border from Idaho back into Arizona. For a week and a half we traveled in a giant circle stopping for fuel and meals and business.

    On our way south out of Idaho we journeyed. Only having one more business stop to make in Flagstaff, a small town roughly four hours north of Phoenix, my hopes of seeing snow quickly dwindled. My mom suddenly tells my step-dad to pull over, which takes no less than a full five minutes to complete. She says ” hey kids look at that” pointing out the window. All my sister and I can do is laugh at mom because all we see is sand. “Mom that’s sand we have been looking at that for hours”. She says” no look at all the sparkles on the sand”. She opened he door, climbed down out of the truck and urged us to follow. There was a light dusting of snow on the ground. Just enough to let you know it was there but could disappear at any time. After ten minutes or so we climbed back in the truck and carried on.

    In Flagstaff when we finally arrived it was dark and we were all tired. Finding a hotel and a simple meal we fell asleep. On Christmas day we woke up to find a few small gifts from mom and dad as well as two feet of snow with more coming down. It fell like it had waited all this time just for us to show up. Big fat wet snowflakes fell to the earth. In just a few minutes being out in the snow I was absolutely covered and thought how beautifully awesome this trip had been.

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